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Movable office phone booth

It is more than just a soundproof booth.
It is flexible and movable and the office phone booth satisfies your needs of creative design space.

The challenge of an open office design

The office layout in most companies is designed with open partitions at present. It is less constraint in comparison with traditional offices. However, personal privacy needs to be sacrificed in an open design office. For examples, your conversation with your client on phone could be easily overheard by your colleagues even they do not intend to. Furthermore, your productivity will be decreased in such noisy environment. Image that you are preparing an important presentation for your clients and boss, and your colleague is on a phone call next to you.
Prodec office phone booth is a product to offer a relatively quiet space in an open design office, it is easy to assemble, and it could be installed in any locations in office. Prodec moveable silent booth could be used for many purposes such as private meetings and phone calls.

The challenge of music school design

Music education is not just one of a school curriculums, off-campus chain training institutions are full of vitality. However, we have been ignoring the importance of acoustic in such spaces, it indeed has a direct impact on students 'perception of tone and intonation. Other major space defects are students' mutual interference and noise disturbance to resident.
Re-decorate the space will make all previous investment in waste. Thus, Prodec movable silent booth is designed to solve all these problems.

The challenge of functional use design

Prodec movable silent booth is an ideal space where people can bring their full attention to day-to-day tasks with less interruption. Just because having a silent booth, it does not mean to gain a professional audio studio. Prodec movable silent booth provides a comfortable and neutral acoustic environment.

The challenge of residential design

For a family with children, a dream house should be consists of a study room, a piano room, a leisure area, a meditation room and a gym and so on. A dream house ensures comfortable life with privacy for your children and yourself. However, this is expensive and not every family could be able to afford it.
Prodec movable silent booth , compositing all these functions, provides you with extra modular room at home, actualising your dream life.

Different sizes to meet your needs

Model S for 1 Person
  • Model:


  • Exterior size:

    D936 x W1000 x H2300mm
    (36.85″ x 39.37″ x 90.55″)

  • Inner size:

    D900 x W840 x H2140mm
    (35.43″ x 33.07″ x 84.25″)

  • Capacity:

    For one person

    Model M for 1-2 people
  • Model:


  • Exterior size:

    D1236 x W1500 x H2300mm
    (48.66″ x 59.06″ x 90.55″)

  • Inner size:

    D1200 x W1340 x H2140mm
    (47.24″ x 52.76″ x 84.25″)

  • Capacity:

    For two person

    Model L for 2-4 people
  • Model:


  • Exterior size:

    D1536 x W2200 x H2300mm
    (60.47″ x 86.61″ x 90.55″)

  • Inner size:

    D1500 x W2040 x H2140mm
    (59.06″ x 80.31″ x 84.25″)

  • Capacity:

    For four person

    Model XL for 2-6 people
  • Model:


  • Exterior size:

    D2136 x W2200 x H2300mm
    (84.09″ x 86.61″ x 90.55″)

  • Inner size:

    D2100 x W2040 x H2140mm
    (82.68″ x 80.31″ x 84.25″)

  • Capacity:

    For six person