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Manufacturing process of aluminum honeycomb panel

Aluminum honeycomb panel products are selected with a standard pre roll coating high grade aluminum alloy coil, combined with a variety of production processes refined.
1. Coating technology

(1) the original coating baking technology, to ensure the adhesion of the coating and color uniformity and saturation.

(2) may provide the necessary color according to the requirements, can also provide a variety of special coatings.

2, forming technology

(1) through a series of mold gradually forming, the full release of internal stress plate.

(2) protective coating panel surface is not damaged, more durable. The entire production process to ensure high precision sheet metal processing size.

(3) composite heat efficient continuous production process.

3, honeycomb composite technology

(1) from the modern aviation technology, lighter weight, higher strength but sheet.

(2) the use of high temperature and hot pressing composite panel technology, to ensure the integrity and strength of plate flatness.

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