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Construction technology of perforated wooden sound absorbing board

1.wood sound absorption plate belongs to the porous material, the plate inside an air gap communicated with each other, so it has better absorption effect, high frequency sound absorption performance of the material itself, but the poor performance of low frequency sound absorption.

The other hand, fire performance of wood sound absorption board can reach B1 level, have good environmental protection. Wood wool sound-absorbing panel due to the use of natural materials, rough decorative effect, can create a special atmosphere, other materials can not achieve!

2. wood sound absorption board belongs to resonance sound absorption material. When it is factory, a layer of non-woven sound-absorbing cloth is pasted. When there is a certain cavity in the back of the installation, there will be better sound absorption performance at medium and low frequency.

The other hand, the fire performance of wood sound absorption board can reach B1 level. Because wood sound-absorbing board substrate is medium density board, in the production process will use chemical adhesive, so the environmental protection of different manufacturers will be different!


Wood sound absorption board is a kind of material with good decorative effect in all kinds of sound-absorbing materials, and its surface can be decorated with various materials to achieve decorative effect. For example, maple, walnut, oak, teak and other construction preparations for all kinds of keel, fittings, fiber glass cloth and sound-absorbing board material and adhesive material should comply with the current national standards and industry standards. When the decorative materials come into the examination, it is forbidden to use the relevant regulations that do not meet the design requirements and indoor environmental pollution control regulations.

Light steel keel main parts: along the top keel, along the ground keel, strengthen keel, vertical keel, transverse keel should comply with the design requirements and the relevant provisions of the standard. Light steel skeleton accessories: support card, Cato, angle bracket, connectors, fasteners, wall keel and layering and other accessories shall comply with the design requirements. Fastening material: anchor screws, expansion bolts, self tapping screw, wood screw galvanized and paste caulking material, shall comply with the design requirements. FC sound-absorbing board should be smooth surface, neat edge, no dirt, cracks, lack of angle, warping, peeling, color difference, incomplete design defects. Should comply with the design requirements and selection of perforated sound-absorbing panels FC. For more commercial space corridor or hall room, modern feeling.

Its structure is perforated panel and perforated back board, which is bonded to aluminum honeycomb sandwich structure by high quality adhesive and aluminum honeycomb core, and a layer of sound-absorbing cloth is pasted between honeycomb core and panel and backboard. Because the honeycomb cores in aluminum plate is divided into many enclosed compartment, prevents air flow, the sound wave is hindered, improve the sound absorption coefficient (above 0.9), while the sheet itself increases the strength of the single sheet size can be larger, further increase the degree of freedom of design.


According to the indoor acoustic design, different perforation rate is designed, and the sound absorption coefficient of the composite structure is controlled in a certain range, which can not only achieve the design effect, but also can reasonably control the cost. Through the control of hole diameter, hole spacing, and according to customer requirements change perforation rate, maximum perforation rate of<30%, 2.0, Phi Phi aperture generally used 2.5, Phi 3.0 and other specifications, requirements and the same perforation backboard panel, sound-absorbing cloth using high-quality non-woven sound-absorbing materials. Suitable for subway, cinema, radio, television, mills and noise ultra standard workshop and stadium and other large public buildings, sound insulation wallboard ceiling board.

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