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What is a soundproof board?

One:What is a soundproof board?

Ordinary objects have the effect of sound insulation, but we put the average sound insulation (in an infinite space, the sound source and the measured point between an infinite material) more than 30dB of the board is called the sound insulation board. Sound insulation panels are generally high density materials.

The characteristics of sound insulation board is to ensure sound absorption and sound insulation effect, and its characteristic is to make and install simply. The general sound insulation project is in front of the decoration construction, decoration completed in the installation of sound insulation project cost is very high, remedial effect is not good before decoration. Usually the ceiling, bathroom, road facing wall and bedroom, living room wall and other places need to focus on sound insulation.


Two:Sound insulation board material introduction

Insulation material: glass wool, rock wool, polyester fiber sound-absorbing cotton, glass wool and rock wool is easy to cause respiratory allergy, do not recommend the use of polyester fiber sound-absorbing cotton for high frequency sound absorption effect is better, for the low frequency sound absorption. Polyester fiber sound-absorbing cotton gradient sound-absorbing cotton is good, low frequency, medium frequency, high frequency sound absorption effect is very good, high sound absorption efficiency.


Three:Types of sound insulation board

Sound insulation panels are generally made of high density materials. The classification of building sound insulation works can be classified according to the location of sound insulation, the method of sound insulation, the sound insulation materials and the varieties used.
1, according to the classification of civil engineering, can be divided into two types of building sound insulation and structural sound insulation;

2, according to the location of sound insulation classification, roughly divided into indoor sound insulation and outdoor sound insulation two categories. For example, indoor sound insulation includes walls, building surfaces, ceilings, and other building surfaces that require sound insulation;

3, according to the method of sound insulation classification, can be divided into composite sound insulation and structure, self insulation, etc.. Composite sound insulation is a new type of sound insulation which uses various sound insulation materials for sound insulation.


Four:The difference between sound insulation board and sound absorbing board

1, different working principle
The working principle of sound absorbing board is to convert the sound energy into heat energy by extending the refraction of the line through a line (sound wave);
The working principle of the sound insulation board is to transform the sound energy through a line (sound wave).

2, the difference in effect
Sound absorbing board is to prolong the sound wave space to achieve the effect of eliminating the impatient, and its internal structure has certain regularity, the general surface will have some hole like gap. Sound absorption panels are generally used in places where acoustic requirements are high;
Sound insulation board as the name suggests is mainly based on sound insulation, stress a certain degree of tightness, isolation of all external noise, to ensure the tranquility of the indoor environment. Sound insulation board is generally used in places where the indoor acoustic environment is very demanding.


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